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The Transcript Podcast Ep. 2

In this episode of The Transcript Podcast, we cover the rollout of vaccinations, the release of reserves by banks, and the heightened awareness by management teams on cybersecurity.

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Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Introduction

00:00:27 – Vaccine rollouts

00:02:02 – CVS vaccine scheduling digital tool

00:02:51 – Bank reports and credit metrics

00:04:09 – Charge off rates still at multi-year lows

00:05:33 – Effect of the stimulus on bank deposits

00:06:18 – The threat of FinTech to big US banks

00:08:41 – Bitcoin and the call for regulation

00:09:59 – The Federal Reserve is not tapering yet

00:10:53 – Cyberthreats and new requirements for CIOs